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Outlaw Media is an Amsterdam based All Media production company centred around Creative Director Torben Raun. The company specializes in advertising concepts and media production for agencies and large scale national and International companies. Outlaw Media works with a network of freelancers which enables us to gather the best teams for each job. The company produces advertising films and print campaigns, print and digital magazines and social media content and advice, as well as producing stylish business portraits for companies, designers and top business leaders. Clients include TomTom International, Scheidegger and Sapph Lingerie during its heyday.

Outlaw Media is een allround media productie bedrijf met als creative director Torben Raun. Het bedrijf is gespecialiseerd in reclameconcepten en mediaproducties voor bureaus en grotere nationale -en internationale bedrijven. Outlaw Media werkt met een netwerk van freelancers, waardoor de beste teams samengesteld worden voor elke job. Het bedrijf produceert reclame films en campagnes, print -en digitale magazines en social media content en advies. Daarnaast worden o.a. stijlvolle zakelijke portretten geproduceerd voor de belangrijkste zakenmensen en designers. Cliënten zijn onder andere TomTom International, Scheidegger. En Sapph Lingerie tijdens hun succesvolle periode. 


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Outlaw Media
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Cases and Clients

Pekelharing bespoke recycled seatbelt design bags: The new Dutch design bag brand Pekelharing was in need of an image campaign which would give enough advertising visuals to also feed the social media accounts. A new concept making luxury design bags from recycled seatbelts gave us an good opportunity to work differently. With a limited budget of a new brand we created a retro concept all visuals were shot in classic luxury cars of which the photographs were finalized with Iphone6 mimicking the retro polaroid look we were able to finalize more than 150 images in very short time. The fashion spot was shot entirely with Iphone6 somewhat a revolution shot in person during the shoot by creative director Torben Raun we only had to ad a sexy soundtrack of an upcoming Danish band and a high level image film was created. Also the behind the scenes film was shot with IPhones. All in all we created a high level campaign in no time.

TomTom International internal magazine "Within" TomTom was looking for a new agency that could develop and elevate their internal magazine away from a typical brochure style magazine featuring too much unused white space on the pages. Outlaw Media art director Naim Nieubur (Esquire, Twitter Mag) and creative director Torben Raun completely restyled and reformatted the magazine into a modern publication of which layout as well as paper type and format turned it into an appealing easily readable take me home magazine. Outlaw Media is now providing every element from production, coordination and design as well as photography for the internal magazine of the World's leading navigation and traffic information reseller. 2014 saw Outlaw Media travel to London, Detroit and Berlin to portrait TomTom employess for it's first issue.

Scheidegger: Advertising films for the leading post education group Scheidegger. When NCOI owner Robert van Zanten took over the Scheidegger group Outlaw Media was hired to give Scheideggers brand name a boost. Outlaw Media created a striking concept incorporating the giant life size 3D diplomas created by art directors Monique Pawiro Semito and Yvo Bronsvoort/Het Hoofdbureau. The 6 advertising films were incredibly successful featuring a striking tune composed by Greatmusic.dk and ran non stop for 3 consecutive years on all major Dutch tvchannels.

Sapph Lingere: Outlaw Media singled handedly created the extremely successful airbrushed pinup concept for Sapph Lingerie that took the small Dutch lingerie company from an 800k turnover to 19 million euros in 3 years. The photoshopping made so many headlines it was the subject of tv shows and articles as well as anti-Sapph campaigns both on the internet and in print. After the company decided to change it's success concept and parted ways with Outlaw Media owner Robert Heilbron went bankrupt the following year and the bits and pieces where picked up by the Dutch King of Cheap garments Ronald Kahn who is now struggling to make Sapph Lingerie a viable business since the brand lost its style and marketing appeal.